We provide an in house service to produce customised logo's and designs for businesses, clubs and the individual. We also provide a monogramming service, popular for Wedding Events and gift items. We Create high quality effects from your original artwork into a digitized embroidery file and we are happy to work with both our own supplied garments or your own products. Having in-house facilities we only use Wilcom software and Madeira threads which produce stunning results ensuring you have the quality you require. We will be happy to advise on what will work best as an embroidery and we always provide a proof of your design before it goes onto any garment.
Its all in the digitizing to create the best embroidery here are a few questions often asked about this service, or if you prefer please email infobeadlebop@sky.com with any questions you may have!
What is Digitizing and why do we charge for this?
Digitising is hand-converting your artwork into a format which the embroidery machines can use, and it’s the quality of the digitizing which makes all the difference to the final result. We have invested in Wilcom Software and your artwork will be hand-digitized in-house, using stitch styles, and stitch angles to reflect light in just the right way, that’s how detailed we get! The digitizing costs reflect the time required to convert your images into a digitized file.
Why do different sized embroideries cost more?
Embroideries are made up of thousands of stitches, the more stitches there are the longer it takes to stitch out onto the machine.
Why do we ask to view artwork in order to provide a quote?
By viewing the design and knowing the type of garment you want this to go onto will provide us with enough information to know how long it will take to digitize and stitch out. It will also allow us to advise you on the suitability of your design for the suggested garment/fabric required.
How do I order embroidered clothing?
Firstly take a look through our custom orders section. Select the item you are interested in and go through the personalisation process. Here you will be able to upload your artwork and select the positioning of your embroidery. Complete the process and we will receive an email requesting a quote. We will check your artwork/design and advise if we need to make changes and provide you with a quote.
How often is the set up fee charged?
The set up fee is a one off fee applied on creating any new design.
We save the design for future orders so you only pay the once.
We offer 2 options of set up fee. Option 1 is for the creation of your logo/artwork into an embroidery file which is kept on our system for your (the customer) use only. Option 2 is the same as Option 1 with the addition of you (the customer) keeping all the digital files created that can then be used and edited by other embroidery service providers. This has a 100% premium applied. 
Is there a minimum order quantity?
We don’t have a minimum order quantity, however it is always more expensive to produce a single item because of the setting up costs.
What type of artwork do I need to supply?
A good quality jpg or .png file is perfect. Screen shots and low resolution images will take up too much time to be able to digitize and will ultimately cost more to produce.
If in doubt, email us your artwork and we’ll check it.
Can I send my own products for embroidery?
Yes you can bring along your own products. We will need to inspect that they are
suitable for embroidery and that they will be able to be hooped up for our machinery.
We prefer to only embroider our own supplied products as we know they are suitable.
Can I order samples before I place an order?
We can ship blank samples of garments the next day. The costs will be as a single item plus delivery. Samples can only be returned to us if they are being used for an order.
You can also just go ahead with ordering a digitized file of you artwork before ordering any garments. The file will remain on our system until you are ready to use it.