Personalisation Price Guide
Please email with your artwork or customisation requirements for an
accurate quote. Prices are variable depending on garments chosen and
work required. The prices below act only as a guide.

Embroidery set up fees are applied to turn your artwork into a digitized file
that can be read by the embroidery machines.
Prices start from £20.00. This will usually cover the cost of a front left sized logo.
The digitizing costs will increase for more complex designs and we will advise
on the costs after viewing your artwork.
Stitch out costs vary according to the quantity required and we will quote on any bulk discounts.
We can work on your own supplied garments, providing they are suitable to do so, and our stitch out Costs starts from £12.00 for a single front left basic logo.
More complex logo's will be quoted on. 
Costs to provide our garments and a stitch out will vary depending on the garment chosen, and the quantity required.

Example - T Shirt with front left embroidered logo
1 x T-shirt Gildan Ultra Cotton with a front left embroidered logo will be £36.00
The cost Breakdown is
Digitizing cost to make the file £20.00
+ Gildan T shirt with Embroidered front left logo £16.00
Total for the 1 x Embroidered Gildan T shirt = £36.00
The cost for one will always be high because of the addition of the digitizing cost
The same job for 15 x Gildan Ultra cotton T shirts will be
Digitizing cost to make the file £20.00
+ Gildan T shirt with embroidered front left logo £14.00 each (the discount given for quantity)
Total for the 15 x Embroidered Gildan T Shirts £230.00 = £15.33 per embroidered T shirt.
Please note that the above is only an example and Viewing your artwork or an idea of what you need is the only way we accurately quote on the work required.

A monogram is a motif of two or more initials.
Initials start from £5.00 per embroidered initial for a front left position logo
Large Monogram letters for Cushions or backs of garments for example start from
£15.00 per initial.

Printing Services

We supply t shirts and garments across all styles, sizes, and materials, and offer individuals, groups, or businesses a range of printing techniques and services to fit
with the order required and your budget.
Want more information about printing? Keep reading...

Vinyl Printing
Vinyls are cut out on plotters to re-create your text or artwork. The prepared artwork is then applied to the garment using a heat press to fuse the vinyl to the garment.
This method of printing is good for small runs or single items. Individual names are usually applied by this method.
Vinyls are blocks of colour, or glitters, metalics or flocks to create eye catching designs.
A typical Front only design to a single T shirt would cost £16.00
As a guide, for orders of 10 for example with the same design the price would reduce
to £14.00 per shirt.

Inkjet Printing
Designs are prepared to include cut lines around your artwork of multicolour images.
creating full colour printed logos for businesses, clubs and societies. Photographic
images can be produced by this method and can produce one off designs for an individual order.
Example Costs using this method of printing range from individual designs
including T shirt at £16.00, to bulk orders 30+ for businesses etc with a multicolour
front left logo at £8.00

Other Printing Techniques
Other methods of printing include INKJET, DTF, and Sublimation.
We will advise on the best method of printing according to your design, quantity
and budget.

1-3 garments (UK mainland) Tracked and signed for £5.95

Orders up to value £249.99 ex vat (UK main) Tracked and signed for £8.95
Orders £250+ (UK Mainland) FREE
BFPO Free up to 2Kg